• RE 2020 (seuil 2028) | HQE Exceptionnel | Label « BBCA quartier » | Biodiversity

  • Colombes (92)

  • Hardel Le Bihan Architectes, Chartier Dalix, Asphalte, La Soda, Palast

  • 75 000 m²

The project is part of a major redevelopment of a 3-hectare site, with the creation of a low-carbon residential district, designed as a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors. The programme is structured around a lively, mixed-use residential area, with a range of amenities including shops, leisure facilities, healthcare and early childhood facilities.

Auriol is designed to meet social needs by creating a mix of housing types (30% social housing, 10% social housing and 60% home ownership), with a contemporary design adapted to the different needs (comfort, quality and adaptability of housing) and lifestyles of the fifteen-minute city.

Its design also reflects a strong commitment to the environment, thanks to bioclimatic architecture (bio- and geo-sourced materials, geothermal energy, biomass) and a significant reduction in its ecological footprint, in particular through the production of renewable energy (a rate of 65% for its thermal supply). AG Real Estate France is taking up the challenge of transforming 3.5 hectares of entirely artificial and polluted land into an eco-district offering 50% open space and a 1.6-hectare park open to all.