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Our ambitions give rise to the great projects of tomorrow.

Our mission

AG Real Estate France is the French subsidiary of the Belgian real estate group AG Real Estate, owned by AG Insurance. Holding a prominent place in the group’s investments, France accounts for a share of some 20% of the assets, with the goal of increasing that figure. Concurrently investor and developer, our ambition is to take part in the urban transformation of our territory, using a responsible and sustainable approach. To achieve this, we value assets in prime locations, close to public transport in the Île-de-France and in the major French metropolitan areas. Finally, the financial strength of the group we belong to offers a secure investment capacity for our customers, partners and users.


In an entrepreneurial spirit, very agile and responsive, our Parisian team takes up exciting challenges, at the cutting edge of innovation, as evidenced in particular by our projects with major international names in architecture. Far from industrialised processes, we offer a contextual approach for each project, in constant contact with the community. Thanks to the diversity of our projects and assets, and the natural emulation between our various departments, we are able to analyse and consider our operations with a view to finding the most innovative and sustainable solutions.

We are very sensitive to environmental issues, and pursue a strategy of specific and ambitious solutions, on a case-by-case basis according to local needs. For all our projects in development, we adopt a strategy of systematically seeking quality labels.

Our team

Our team

Our activities

AG Real Estate France has twofold expertise both as an investor, with the objective of sustainably and optimally managing a portfolio of diversified assets, and a developer of multi-product and complex projects.

Development and promotion

Property development and promotion are part of the DNA and culture of the AG Real Estate Group, a major player on the Belgian market. Our main priority is implementing projects that meet the expectations of communities and users.
Our teams are very proactive and make sure to promote projects that contribute to urban renewal, located in Île-de-France and close to major transport routes. We prefer to work with architects with strong environmental and societal ambitions.

We possess a comprehensive in-house expertise in planning, financial, technical and legal aspects.

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Investment and asset management

With our dedicated teams, we own and manage directly a portfolio of office, retail, mixed-use and logistics assets with sustainable performance. We strive to stay close to our tenants by listening to their real-estate needs and offering tailor-made support, both on a daily basis and over the long term.

Our developer’s hat allows us to be bold in our investments and to position ourselves on assets suitable for Asset Management work, in order to upgrade them for their markets (restructuring, demolition/reconstruction work, change of use, redevelopment of spaces, etc.).

Operating in the Île-de-France region, with teams based in Paris, we also work in metropolitan areas such as Lille, Lyon and Marseille.
In terms of logistics, we operate in a category of “prime” assets: large sized, in a prime location, new and leased to large companies or built on spec.

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Our portfolio

An investor, developer and promoter, AG Real Estate France works in close cooperation with its partners to build a portfolio of assets in good locations and in markets with strong potential.


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