Mixed useBruneseau

  • Certification: E+C- Level E3C2 programme-wide, E3C1 by building

  • Paris - 13th arrondissement

  • Architects: Adjaye Associates, Hardel Le Bihan Architects, YTAA Youssef Tohme architectes et associés, Buzzo Spinelli architecture

  • 98,000 m2

Launched at the initiative of the City of Paris in 2017 as part of the “Inventer Bruneseau” consultation and designed in collaboration with Nexity, Icade and Les Nouveaux Constructeurs, the Bruneseau project meets several ambitious objectives: to conceive an innovative mixed-use neighbourhood at the end of the Paris Rives Gauche joint development zone (13th arrondissement), to create a link between Paris and the neighbouring municipality of Ivry and finally to reclaim the ring road as a valued destination.

The programme is developing a new mixed-use neighbourhood of 98,000 m2, made up of residential housing (46,500 m2), service activities (25,000 m2) and a commercial centre with shops and attractive commercial businesses, such as leisure and events (26,500 m2).

The fruit of in-depth reflection on urban issues, the project aims to revitalise a road junction by offering quality housing solutions in the vertical space. Bruneseau embraces an ambitious and innovative low-carbon approach, notably with the creation of wooden floors, a first experimental project on a high-rise building in France.