Mixed useBruneseau

  • Certification: E+C- Level E3C2 programme-wide, E3C1 by building

  • Paris - 13th arrondissement

  • Architects: Adjaye Associates, Hardel Le Bihan Architects, YTAA Youssef Tohme architectes et associés, Buzzo Spinelli architecture

  • 98,000 m2

Launched at the initiative of the City of Paris, “Réinventer Bruneseau” is the result of an advanced urban planning study with the following ambitions: to innovate with a new 98,000 m2 mixed-use district, to create a link between Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine, to reclaim the ring road and transform it into a valuable destination.

The consortium imagines a new urban centre that is both dense and peaceful. The project’s architectural ambition is to create a neighbourhood that provides seamless urban continuity between Paris and Ivry

The project is part of a strong and innovative carbon-free approach: to create the first completely carbon-free district in France and to divide the carbon footprint associated with the buildings by 5.